Filter for linking Agda identifiers in inline code spans
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<p>This is a literate Agda file.</p>
<p>Here’s some inline code:</p>
<ul class="incremental">
<li>This is a link to the record below: <span class="Agda"><a href="example.html#224" class="Record">Record</a></span></li>
<li>This is not: <code>Record</code></li>
<li>This is a link with alternate text: <span class="Agda"><a href="example.html#224" class="Record">also a link</a></span></li>
<pre class="Agda"><a id="217" class="Keyword">record</a> <a id="Record"></a><a id="224" href="example.html#224" class="Record">Record</a> <a id="231" class="Symbol">:</a> <a id="233" class="PrimitiveType">Set</a> <a id="237" class="Keyword">where</a>
<a id="245" class="Keyword">constructor</a> <a id="hey-look"></a><a id="257" href="example.html#257" class="InductiveConstructor">hey-look</a>